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Momma Bears Quilts

Cotton Pocket Hankie, Reusable Tissue, Fun Dad Gift, Honk Your Conk Hankie Honkers

Cotton Pocket Hankie, Reusable Tissue, Fun Dad Gift, Honk Your Conk Hankie Honkers

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These pocket hankies are packaged in sets of two and are made with 100% cotton prints and finished with a rolled hem.

The fun is all in the label, which has a fun family story behind it (if you want to read about it, check out my blog post) We call them Hankie Honkers!

You will receive a surprise set as they are randomly chosen and selection varies. If you have a preference, don't hesitate to reach out as I am happy to send a photo of the current selection!

> Each hankie is about 10 inches square.
> preshrunk, prewashed
> great gift idea for zero waste and eco conscious folks
> easy care, in with regular wash, may need ironing
> so many ways to use: reusable tissue, lunch napkin, makeup removal wipe, eye glasses cloth, in a gentleman's suit pocket, washable paper towel, etc.

Whether you you want utilitarian or unique, these fun handkerchiefs will fit the bill.


I always use quality fabrics and thread. In addition to good quality materials, I am conscientious about making sure I use a full seam allowance. I never leave fabrics holding together by a few threads. This ensures a quality, handmade item, that will withstand normal care and use for many years.

The inner batting layer is usually Pellon or Hobbs 80/20. Occasionally I use a bamboo batting.

Binding is always double thickness and attached by machine for added durability, with neat mitered corners.

The nice thing about quilts is that the more you use them the softer and more snuggly they become. Don’t be afraid to use them wherever you want to be…. outside under the tree, in your car, on a picnic, on the hammock, in the family room, etc. After all, we wear cotton fabrics everyday in our clothes… your quilt won’t fall apart before it gets well loved!

Remember that sunlight will fade any fabric, and your quilt is no exception.  So; have a care when you leave it outside frequently or in a sunny window.


I have often washed my own quilts in with a regular wash load, with no regrets. However, it is still recommended to use a gentle cycle, mild soap and tumble drying on low heat. (** Note: I rarely prewash my fabrics. Expect a small amount of shrinkage on the first laundering.) It is the tumble drying that achieves the soft crinkly look that we associate with handmade quilts. If you prefer a flatter look, lay flat to air dry… do not dry in the dryer. 

Packaging & Shipping

I package all my items responsibly, first with a care for your purchase and then with a desire to reuse and recycle any shipping material I have around. I also refund shipping overages.

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