Home is our favorite place.

From bedroom to kitchen and beyond...

Momma Bears Quilts offers an ever changing selection of quilted items for that special place we call 'home'.

Quilts are a beautiful and traditional way to decorate, adding a warm and welcoming touch to your space. Whether personalizing your space or feeling the joy of giving a special handmade gift, these quilts will bring years of enjoyment to all.

Discover quality, one-of-a-kind, ready made decor and gifts, made by myself, from start to finish. Find big quilts, little quilts, decorative quilts, practical items for the kitchen, fabric shopping bags, and more.

From my home to yours,

Momma Bear (aka Kim)

  • Scrappy Card Trick quilt on double bed.

    For Your Bed

    Quilts are a traditional way to decorate your bedroom. Find beautiful, quality quilts here.

    Browse Bed Quilts 
  • This beautiful red and teal patchwork quilt features custom quilting detail. In this section, find a collection of throw quilts for your home. Made with care by Momma Bears Quilts.

    Throw Quilts

    Made to be used and wonderful for decorating!

    Browse Quilted Blankets 
  • Patchwork baby quilts made with quality and care. Find one-of-a-kind creations at Momma Bears Quilts.

    Baby Quilts

    Quality cotton quilts for baby and toddler here. Various sizes available from crib to car seat.

    Browse Baby Quilts 
  • Quilted patchwork pillows are plush and unique. Shop one-of-a-kind creations to suit your decor. Visit Momma Bears Quilts.


    Quilted pillows have a plush textured look and are a lovely addition to any decor!

    Browse Throw Pillows 
  • quilted table runner

    Table Decor

    Quilted Table Runners and Toppers are a favorite! So simple and easy to add a special touch to your space.

    Browse Table Runners 
  • This quilted potholder is both practical and pretty. Shop quilted items for the kitchen in this collection. Find quality made potholders, placemats, table runners and mug rugs.

    Momma's Kitchen

    I even use quilts in the kitchen! Find sturdy pot holders and hot mats. Excellent for yourself and gifting!

    Browse Kitchen Quilts 
  • Neutral Patchwork Mini Quilt, Small Square Scrap Quilt Table Topper

    Mini Quilts

    Small quilts are irresistible! So charming and versatile for decorating! Many ways to use.

    Browse Mini's 
  • This coaster set is done in scrappy crazy quilt style. Shop quilted coasters and mug rugs in this collection. Visit Momma Bears Quilts for quality, one-of-a kind decor and gifts.

    Mug Rugs and Coasters

    Sometimes we just want a little something extra! Wonderful gift idea.

    Browse Mug Rugs 
  • This gorgeous pumpkin wallhanging is perfect for fall decor. The quilting detail is extra special in this one. Shop quality one-of-a kind wall quilts for your home and office at Momma Bears Quilts.

    Wall Hangings

    Quilted wall hangings give a lovely focal point to your space! Find both seasonal and anytime wall decor here.

    Browse Wall Quilts 
  • A beautiful log cabin quilted table runner for Christmas. Done in traditional red and green colors and scrappy patchwork style. Shop quality, one-of-a-kind decor and gifts at Momma Bears Quilts. Made in Canada.

    All Things Christmas

    Find a special selection of holiday themed items from stockings to pillows to mug rugs and more.

    Browse Christmas Collection 
  • These basic cotton tote bags are an eco friendly, compact shopping bag for your purse. Fun prints to choose from. Shop one-of-a-kind decor and gifts at Momma Bears Quilts.

    Cloth Shopping Totes

    Eco Friendly, compact cotton tote bags are perfectly handy for your purse!

    Browse Reusable Shopping Bags 
  • On Sale

    A collection of clearance quilts. These are last chance, final sale items in new, original condition.

    Once sold, forever gone. They cannot be duplicated.

    Browse Sale Items 
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