About Us

What do quilts and Momma Bears have in common?...They are soft and huggable and should be worth keeping for a long time! :)

This hopeful Momma Bear is fortunate to live, on a small farm in rural Ontario. Her four cubs are grown now, and out making their way in the world. An interesting fact about our family is that all of us are entrepreneurs, running our own businesses!

Of course, Papa Bear lives with Momma and fixes things, enjoys her cooking, drinking maple syrup & eating honey. Such a sweetie! ;) He loves to plant trees... so much so that Momma Bear sometimes fears she will end up living in the middle of a large forest and hardly see the sun!

There are two boy cubs and two girl cubs. Big Brother fixes tractors @rothfarmservice for all the farmers and especially likes the green and yellow ones. He would have us believe there are no other! Big Sister is interested in Queen rearing and breeding... of bees, that is! She is also a proficient beeswax candle maker. Visit her at www.huckleberryhives.ca! Next is Little Brother and he has "followed the old ways" and is a "keeper of bees", operating his own apiary. Visit www.nithvalleyapiaries.ca! Baby Sister loves green and growing things and is an orchardist, grower and promoter of sustainable living. Visit her at www.silvercreeknursery.ca!

So; trees, tractors, bees, honey, fruit all make up the landscape of our family. As life keeps evolving, we have added a financial planner and photographer, a 'girl friday', an engineer turned tree grower, and a number of beautiful little cubs! Life is good. 

                                      @ 2021... until next time :)

And this is why Momma Bear's Quilts was born... cuz her cubs grew up! Well, maybe also the fact that she really, REALLY likes all sorts of fabric. Her stash is pretty substantial, bigger than she thought it was! So; she organized her den, re-discovering treasures... and started sewing up a storm!
​Actually, my shop name is courtesy of my daughters, who in recent years started calling me 'Momma Bear'. Since it is a nice, cozy name that makes me think of home, it seemed to suit the image I wanted to project to my potential customers. 


I feel that everyone should have a place where they feel safe, happy and loved. I am a big believer in the importance of home and family. A home is one of the most rewarding and worthwhile investments we make in life. While I think it always starts within your heart, I sure do love to "feather my own nest" with welcoming handmade touches.

From my home to yours, made with care and love, shop a unique collection of quality quilts of all sizes, from bedroom to kitchen and beyond! 🐻💞


I craft all items myself from my smoke free and pet free home. A few are made from purchased kits and they will be specified in the description, otherwise the items are all one of a kind. I do all my own piecing and quilting. Quilting is done using my long arm machine, whom I have dubbed "Lila" !

I value quality workmanship and materials, in a clean environment. 

Typically, I use high quality cotton quilting fabric and Pellon or Hobbs 80/20 batting. Cottons are generally accepted as the optimum quilting fabric. I, too, prefer cotton. However, as I have been a seamstress for many years, I have accumulated poly cotton blends which I will occasionally use. I feel that poly cotton blends will not compromise the quilt in durability or wear, as long as it is good quality (as with all fabric).

One of the most important things to me, as a buyer, is to feel like I've gotten my money's worth. There is nothing more disappointing than to purchase a homemade item, for which you have chosen to outlay your precious dollars, and have it start falling apart after a few washes or an unfortunate tug.

In quilts, it is usually well done seams that will ensure the item withstands repeated washing and normal use. I am committed to always making sure I sew with ample seam allowances, along with quality materials, to ensure a quilt that lasts for many years.

Momma Bear (aka Kim)