Wondering about the Hankie Honker story?

Wondering about the Hankie Honker story?

Well, years ago, when our kids were little, they loved opening their Christmas stockings best of all. They had homemade ones, of course... that were large sized, and hard to fill with meaningful stuff! 😉So; one year, when my daughter was a teenager and the eco-friendly movement was gaining traction, she asked for hankies! I was wracking my brain on how to make a hankie special and, on a lark, threw together this Honk Your Conk, Hankie Honker label. While they thought is was funny and special at the time, I didn't really clue in how special until years later... recently, in fact!

She is currently a new mommy and wouldn't you know it, low and behold, doesn't she have the label stuck on her fridge!!😂 Apparently, it was important enough to have survived the rest of the teen years, young adulthood and several moves. 

Between her and her sister, they encouraged me that I really ought to make some to sell, adamantly insisting that the label remain the same. So here we are!

If you followed the links above, you will see that both of the girls are still very eco friendly, which you can tell by their business careers. Stephanie from Silver Creek Nursery is the 'label keeper' and is a fruit tree nursery grower. Jodi from Huckleberry Hives is her side kick, although they seem to take turns being the side kick! 😊Jodi is a bee queen and nuc producer and a proficient beeswax candle maker. You can check out her beautiful creations here.

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