Quilted Patchwork Potholders

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Quilted potholders are both practical and pretty. This set of two features rustic bowtie patchwork in colours of forest green, navy, burnt orange and gold. The lovely country colours can be displayed as part of your decor by the convenient hanging loops on the back.             

Size of each is just over 8 inches square. (21 cm)                           

Each potholder has two inner layers… one is regular quilt batting and the other is a thermal lining called Insul Bright.  This added layer makes a nice thick mat with added heat protection. Thick and durable, they will protect your hands, countertops and furniture when handling oven fresh dishes. 

For care, I always throw mine in with regular wash… simple, easy, no fussing!

Quilted potholders are the most practical and useful little quilts ever! An absolute necessity in the kitchen! At Momma Bears Quilts, we love to add a little luxury to even the practical and mundane, because we know how important a little shot of happiness is, even if it's over the little things!