Pinwheel Quilt Lap Quilt, Wall Quilt

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Bright and cheerful this quilt is full of happy vibes! Full of colour and movement, it is perfectly sized for use as a lap quilt. Great for kids, in the car, on a picnic, or it would make a wonderful gift for someone in a wheelchair. You could even use as a wall hanging.

I constructed this from a kit I purchased from Connecting Threads and quilted with a freehand swirl pattern. Swirls just seemed just right for pinwheels!

Fabrics are 100% cotton.

Size is 48 x 40 inches (122 x 103 cm)**

Read on for general construction info, care instructions …

Features of the Quilt (general info):

I always use quality fabrics and thread. In addition, I am conscientious about making sure I use an ample seam allowance, never leaving fabrics holding together by a few threads. This ensures a quality, handmade item, that will withstand normal care and use for many years.
The inner batting layer is usually Pellon or Hobbs 80/20. Occasionally I use a bamboo batting.

Binding is always double thickness with neat, mitered corners, and attached by machine for added durability.

The nice thing about quilts is that the more you use them the softer and more pliable they become… more snuggly, easier to drape for decor purposes, etc. Don’t be afraid to use them wherever you want to be…. For dining, outside under the tree, in your car, on a picnic, on the hammock, in the family room, etc. After all, we wear cotton fabrics everyday in our clothes… your quilt won’t fall apart before it gets well loved!

Remember that sunlight will fade any fabric, and your quilt is no exception. So; have a care when you leave it outside frequently or in a sunny window.


Laundering has long been a topic of discussion for quilt enthusiasts. What is the correct way?? Generally, it is recommended to use a gentle cycle, mild soap and tumble drying on low heat. It is the tumble drying that achieves the soft crinkly look that we associate with handmade quilts. If you prefer a flatter look, lay flat to air dry… do not dry in the dryer.

** Note: I rarely prewash my fabrics. Expect a small amount of shrinkage on the first laundering.

Personally, I have often washed my own quilts in with a regular wash load, with no regrets. This would apply to the ones that are made to be used in everyday life. Please do Not use this advice for heirloom show quilts.

Packaging and Shipping:

I package all my items responsibly, first with a care for your purchase and then with a desire to reuse and recycle any shipping material I have around.