Minimalist Wall Quilt, One-of-a-kind Landscape Nature Decor

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Enjoy warm, rich, earthy colours in this one-of-a-kind minimalist wall quilt. If you appreciate nature and creation this a great decor piece for your home or office. This wall hanging will bring to mind our beautiful world. A gorgeous sunset at the end of the day, the golden glow of the sun, and the many interesting layers that make up our lives and the earth itself. The elements of earth, wind and sea are symbolized by the colors and the quilting texture. Life, growth and the seasons are shown in the three leaves.

The random curved piecing creates movement as each piece is a different shape. I quilted a combination of freehand designs that add lovely textured detail. A variety of embroidery stitching along various layers adds interest and draws the eye to explore the whole. I added hand embroidered leaf stems as a finishing touch.

The size is 31 x 19.5 inches (69 x 51 cm)

Last photo shows the hanging sleeve on the back. You can insert a dowel, or other thin rod, for hanging.

Care: Simply dust with a clean, lint free cloth either dry or damp.