Green and Purple Star Mini Quilt

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This charming scrappy star mini quilt is a perfect gift idea. Use for decorating under a lamp or in a basket, as a mug rug, even hang on the wall! Lovely coordinating fabrics in spring green florals with touches of purple and brown are quality cotton. Freehand quilting in a scrolling vine adds pretty texture to this little quilt.

Size is about 11 inches square (28 cm). 

Last photo shows this quilt with another one, listed and sold separately.

In the interest of transparency, also of note: when looking at the photo showing the backing, notice the swirl right up under the tag. Notice it looks a little different than the rest of the stitching. After I took the quilt off the big machine, I noticed a thread nest, which sometimes happens due to thread tension issues.  This difference you see is the repair. On the back you see the slightly different thread color. On the front, I was able to match the thread, making it nearly invisible where it counts. This is a minor flaw and does not affect the quality of the quilt.