Quilted Patchwork Potholder Set

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This set of two quilted patchwork pot holders feature a pretty, golden yellow floral print paired with coral pink. All quality cotton fabrics used, with a off white muslin backing. The patchwork pattern I used on the fronts is an old traditional one called churn and dash. Notice the hanging loops on the back! This allows you have the convenience of hanging them nearby your cooktop or displaying them as part of your decor.

Size of each is about 7.5 inches square (19 cm).

When creating potholders, I use two inner layers… one is my regular 80/20 batting and the other is a thermal lining called Insul Bright.  This added layer makes a nice thick mat with added heat protection. 

For care, I always wash mine in with regular wash… simple, easy care, no fussing!

Whether gifting to yourself or others, these will deliver good service in the kitchen for years, and they are pretty enough for serving on the dining table.