Minimalist Landscape Wall Art, Modern Rustic Quilted Table Runner

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Enjoy rich, earthy colours, flowing movement and beautiful custom quilting texture in this minimalist landscape quilt. Lovely decor choice for modern contemporary settings. Use as wall art or on the table. It brings to mind our beautiful world. A gorgeous sunset at the end of the day, the golden glow of the sun, and the many interesting layers that make up our lives and the earth itself.

The random curved piecing creates movement as each piece is a different shape. I quilted a combination of freehand designs that add lovely texture and detail. Especially notice the focal point feather quilting on the lightest fabric.

This minimalist art quilt measures 27 x 20 inches (69 x 51 cm).

Truly one-of-a-kind, it will work equally well for table or wall, and in home and office settings.

**Note: If you want to hang this quilt you can orient it either horizontally or vertically. There is currently no hanging sleeve on the back of this quilt. If you would like one added just send me a convo and I will add one at no extra charge. Please indicate the orientation you would prefer.

This has not been washed; so a small amount of shrinkage will happen with the first washing, mostly with drying. This causes the crinkly look typical of handmade quilts. If you prefer the flatter look, simply omit the dryer and lay flat to air dry. You can also simply dust with a clean, lint free cloth either dry or damp.